C. 1900s Photograph taken in Lineville, Wayne County, Iowa (Belvel)

Photographer: J.P. Abents, Lineville Iowa

Written on Back: To Aunt Ann McNutt From Elijah Belvill and Family


Elijah M. Belvel (born 2 Feb 1861) was the son of William Belvel and Sina Belvel (nee Gloshen). Elijah M. Belvel married Charlotte ‘Lottie’ Tadlock on 5 Aug 1884 in Wayne County, Iowa. He died on 5 Feb 1905 and is buried beside his wife and two sons in Ottumwa Cemtery, Ottumwa, Wapello County, Iowa.

Mary Charlotte Tadlock Belvel (born 15 Nov 1860 in Albany, Appanoose County, Iowa) was the daughter of Benjamin Bullington Tadlock and Martha Emaline Tadlock (nee Sayers). She died at the home of her daughter, Beulah Johnston, on 23 Apr 1919 in Ottumwa, Wapello County, Iowa.

The photo was originally sent by the Belvel family to Nancy Ann McNutt (nee Gloshen), the sister of Elijah’s mother who lived in Franklin County, Indiana.

Children likely pictured:

  1. Austin Lazelle (born 6 May 1886-died 19 Aug 1913 Ottumwa, Wapello County, Iowa) Belvel
  2. Beulah M. (born Oct 1888-died 1970 Polk County, Iowa) Belvel Johnston
  3. Earnest Everett (born 23 Nov 1889-died 4 Oct 1913 Ottumwa, Wapello County, Iowa) Belvel
  4. Margaret Paralee (born 4 Feb 1892-died 27 Dec 1937 Polk County, Iowa) Belvel Schinkel
  5. Blanche Evalyn (born 15 Jun 1893-died 25 Aug 1919 Ottumwa, Wapello County, Iowa) Belvel Gossage Pittington

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