I’ve been doing genealogy from a very young age. In fact, I’ve been looking at records since I could spell my last name! I started this project because when I would go to antique malls for fun, I would feel sad to see all these old family photos without a family to cherish them. For years, I did not even have a photo of my own grandfather, so I know how it feels to not have photos of the people you come from.

One day, I finally decided that enough was enough. I could not help the photos that did not have names on them but I could help research photos that had identifying information on the front or back. I don’t ask to make a lot of money on it. All I ask is to be paid back what I spent on the photo and a small finder’s fee so that I can reunite even more photos with their families!

Feel free to contact me if you feel I have a photo of your ancestor and we can arrange the exchange. I am happy to know that photos are going back to people who will appreciate them.


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    1. Well thank you for the lovely comment! Who knows what I’ll find the next time I’m at an antique store. I’m off to a wedding tomorrow in North Carolina so I might just stop at a few antique stores there too! My family didn’t seem to believe in labeling many photos myself and don’t seem to have many pre-1940s.


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