1895 Photograph Taken in Philadelphia, PA (GAZZAM)

Photographer: Hemperley Studios in Philadelphia, PA

Written on Back: With love fr Aunt Hatty

Joseph M. Gazzam Jr.

4 months old

May 10th 95

Nelly May Gazzam

The Gladstone

11 Pine Street

Philadelphia, PA


Joseph Murphy Gazzam Jr. was born 8 January 1895 (being four months old at the time of the photo) and is the son of Joseph Murphy Gazzam Sr. and Nelly May (nee Andrews) Gazzam. He died 31 May 1960 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Nelly May Gazzam, nee Andrews was born 24 October 1867 in New Orleans, Louisiana to Benjamin Andrews and Olivia (nee Vining) Andrews. She died 30 July 1958 in Pennsylvania.

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