C. 1880s Photograph Taken in Islington, England (DOWNES-SHAW, HAVERGAL)

Photographer: Turner & Killick, Upper Street, Islington

Written on Back: Aunt Amy & Downes Shaw

Nee Havergal (daughter of Henry Edol H/E)

Amey and the Rev??



Amy Havergal (born 3 March 1853 in Cople, Bedford, England) was the daughter of Henry East Havergal and Frances Mary (nee Walker) Havergal. She married Reverend A. Downes Shaw in 1882 and went with him into the mission field at Mauritius. Amy Downes-Shaw, nee Havergal, died in 1890 while the couple was still in Mauritius. She had at least one son, Archibald Havergal Downes-Shaw (born 1884), and one daughter, Amy Winifred Downes-Shaw (born 1887).

Reverend Archibald Downes-Shaw (born in the March Quarter of 1857 in Billercay, Essex, England) was the son of Henry Shaw and Marion Selby (nee Hele) Shaw. He died on 3 December 1939 in Bodmin, Cornwall, England. He married twice, first to Amy Havergal (in the photo), and then Alice Montague.

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